Event Consultancy

We specialise in working with in-house management and events team on events that have ROI's and Revenue targets, with 14 years’ experience in the events industry working across a range of industries and sectors, both in UK and internationally, we are here to give you the expertise and knowledge to make the most out of your new or existing events, limiting some of the risk that comes with creating and planning events that have specific ROI requirements, Get in contact with us to see how we can assist you.


Strategic Advice

We work with you to understand the role your events have in your organisation and how we can best improve the return you get from these events, we look at the overall approach you have to your events and analyse the feedback before putting together a plan to understand and improve your events offering.

Event research and Development

We understand that different Industries have different requirements when we are talking about events, we have the expertise to look at your target audience and research and develop a plan to minimise the risk of launching new events, we look at all areas of the event and how this fits in with your organisation.

Analysing and refreshing existing events

If you have an existing event that needs to be brought back to life, or maybe you have had a change in direction for your organisation and want your events to reflect this, we have the experience to offer insight and advice on what changes you can make and how you can implement these into your events to bring it in line with your objectives

Event Team Support and Development

Depending on your organisation you may not always have the senior expertise of a seasoned event professional to offer support and advice to your event personnel, we can offer that support and help for you to develop a working events department that can run efficient and successful events.

Event creation

Want to launch a new event but not sure where to start, we can take the hassle out of spending hours trying to figure out where to start and what types of venues and suppliers you should be using, we can put an event together for you to run with your existing team, with a event project plan to follow and detailed event information giving you the overall event advice you need to successfully run an event, from marketing to sales to planning.

Event planning

Maybe you just want a team of super efficient and success event professionals to run the event for you, well this is where our experience has come from so we can offer this service for corporate events, new and old, get in contact with us to find out how we can assist you and give your events the best chance at success.

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