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What are good practices in the Events Industry?

If you have ever spent time contracting or freelancing for different companies or organisations you realise pretty quickly that most companies don’t work in the same way, and although the job title might be the same it never seems to be the same role. Of course, the fundamentals of planning an event are the same but what that includes can vary dramatically.

This can make it difficult to understand what is required of you as an event professional, especially if you are working in a company or organisation where there is no experienced senior event management to guide you on good practices. This leaves the task of learning about good working practices to the event professionals themselves to ensure they are working in the best way they can.

Implementing good working practices is about making sure there are clear procedures in place whether this is for yourself or the rest of your team. Having realistic deadlines with effective time management so that you’re not working more hours than you have to, and giving yourself enough time to deliver the event, as well as managing expectations of managers/clients/sponsors or the team you work in and learning new skills that help you to perform your job. 

Having an understanding of different aspects of events can also be a great way to improve your working practices by giving you the knowledge and understanding of how these roles fit within planning and promoting an event and knowing what you would need for different types of events and who you need to speak to for expect advice is also crucial.

Having these skills to implement in any role you take on can really help to make sure you get the best out of managing events and keep on enjoying your job!

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