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Running Events is a Multi-Skilled Job

Someone once described my job as a jack of all trades but a master of none, I was slightly offended by this as actually I have to be a master at all of them and would be expected to take on numerus skills to be able to effectively do my job. But I don’t think they truly understand what the role of an events manager/professional entails and most people really don’t understand the different roles you have to take on when you are planning and running an event, being able to multi-skill is essential but this isn’t something that can just come naturally. It’s easy to just think of event professionals as just organisers but it’s much more than that.

One minute you can be trying to save cost on an event and working through the budget to work miracles and save money but not affect the quality of the experience of the people attending the event, then the next minute your liaising with sponsors or exhibitors answering all their questions about delivery and logistics of the event, or researching loads of different suppliers to provide all manner of elements for the event, then probably negotiating a good deal on the products/service you need, then you can be putting together a proposal and looking at all the possible requirements and trying to make sure this is exactly what the client wants. Not forgetting being a project managing and make sure all this comes together at the right time and that all the different people in the team are working to the deadlines and then of course not forgetting, running the event on the day and making sure all this comes together.

Sounds pretty tiring, and this is just a part of it. This is a lot to master and you can’t be expected to be exceptional at it all, but you do have to be good and make sure that this comes together as expected. Taking time out of the day to day to improve these skills is going to help, and spending time on your own skills can also help to improve the team you are working with, you may not always have a senior event professional working with you that can help you to develop these skills and in an organisation will a limited number of events you may be one of a small team working on these events, or possible even the only events person who needs to deliver these events. That’s why it is so important that the events industry really looks how we support people working in the industry and how we pass on that knowledge and experience to all event professionals. It really is a multi-skilled job, but one you can master!


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