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Procrastinating and planning an event don’t mix! But what can you do!

You have an event coming up and have a huge number of suppliers to book and confirm, items to order, people to organise and delegates to manage plus many small things that you had forgotten about and loads of people asking you questions!! I know it feels like a lot of work to get done and suddenly you feel like you can’t get everything done in time and by this time all the little things you have be putting off and leaving have now suddenly built up into a large amount of work with you frantically working long hours to get everything completed in time for the event!! eeek!

We are all guilty of this on occasion, especially on new events or projects that are unfamiliar to us, this can be partly fear of the unknown or possibly a crisis of confidence in our own abilities.

Events are a great example of why procrastinating can really add stress to your job as they have the ultimate deadline, with everything needing to come together at the same moment to make it work and not forgetting the last-minute changes and problems that you need to deal with adding to that pressure.

But how can we stop this from happening, because no one wants to spend their time stressing about their job and not feeling like they can get it all done in time…

Ok so planning earlier is the obvious answer, but in events you can’t always do this. This can be because clients want last minute events planned from scratch, or for events that need to generate a revenue you might need to wait until nearer the event to see how much you can spend on suppliers. Remembering you aren’t alone in this is key. Organising events takes a team, whether this is a full event team or a handful of assistants and suppliers. You can’t do everything yourself but there will be people around you that can help put everything together in time. If you are limited on time allocation jobs to your helpers that play to their strengths can save a lot of time in explaining, and it makes sure with the days counting down that your helpers are feeling confident in the role they have to play.

If you haven’t already got a to-do list write one, and make sure you order it in what needs to be done first. If you are then staring at the list not knowing how to start, try an easy task first and tick it off, sounds simple but it can be very satisfying, and you feel like you are getting somewhere at least.

Remember however good you are no event will ever be perfect and make sure your expectations are realistic, there will always be something that wasn’t planned or needed to be changed, but this is fine because the attendees will never really know the last-minute hitches, they just get to see the end result!

And lastly remember to enjoy working on events, events are a fun industry and you get to see and plan a variety of days and evening, and there’s nothing better than seeing the attendees enjoying themselves.


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