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Key Skills for Events: Customer Service

Once of the most important skills you can develop when you are running an event is good customer service, not just on the day but in the planning and lead up to an event stage. Developing this skill is essential but it isn’t always easy to understand the different types of customer service requirements and how this can really affect the overall event.

Bad customer service is one of the first things people complain about when you are running an event and the customer service aspect can range from attendees, sponsors, suppliers and venues plus many other stakeholders involved in the event. So your approach to each of these needs to take on a different role depending who you are speaking to.

Delegates and attendees want to be able to easily book for the event and the easier you can make it for them the better, you don’t want them thinking twice about attending. They also want to be able to get quick responses to any questions or problems they have and to feel confident the person they are speaking with understands what they require.

You also have sponsors and event partners who require a different approach, they are financially invested in this event and want to feel they can get the most out of it for the money they are spending on the event. They also need to be able to have someone to contact who can give them all the required information in time for them to organise their own requirements for the event.

Building up good relationships with suppliers and venues is also very important and customer service plays a factor in this to. You will probably be spending a lot of time talking to them on the lead up to the event and can build a good relationship, but you also need to make sure you comply with the deadlines and requirements they set out ahead of time and keeping them informed of changes as they happen can help give them a bit more time to prepare.

Good customer service can really change the experience everyone gets out of the event and you have to taper your approaching depending on who you are dealing with, but making the effort to ensure everyone is happy with the service they have received goes a long way to getting them to come back next time.


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