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Are Exhibitors Expectations Changing

Are exhibitors’ expectations changing when to comes to getting leads for events, and how can we keep attracting exhibitors to events

With the new regulations in place companies are now limited on how they obtain data lists and passing on data is being strictly controlled, so does that mean that getting good leads from events is becoming more important to exhibitors?

Exhibitors can go no longer rely full attendee lists and the pressure on getting the most out of events seems to have increased. Exhibitors have always found events to be a useful tool to develop leads for their products or services, but do we need to start tailoring exhibitor packages to make sure we still attract exhibitors to our events.

There are options available at events for exhibitors to put on their stands or in the event app if it has one if the organiser is able to offer this, but can we help exhibitors showcase their products effectively in the space or limitations they have.

This is very much depended on the industry the event is in but putting together a more bespoke package for exhibitors gives them more of an opportunity to attract delegates. More interactive options on stands help with this and the opportunity to showcase their offering not just at the event but before hand with special advertising options or in the follow up communications with delegates after the event, but looking at the industry the event is in can really help with understanding how exhibitors can get the most out of the event.

If you can create packages that fit in with industry and products being offered, you are more likely to keep attracting exhibitors to the event and help them get the most of their experience at the event.


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