Flagship Conference

Flagship conference rejuvenation in line with new company values


Event: Existing conference and exhibition with up to 400 delegates

Location: London

Company: Professional Body


For this project we worked with a professional body to refresh their existing conference and exhibition in line with their new values and focus, this included looking at what was the main take away they wanted the audience to have from attending this event, along with looking at the focus, program and revenue for the event.  Their main focus was to promote the knowledge and insights within their profession using the conference as a tool to engage their existing members and professionals in the industry. We looked at how we could obtain this through content and speakers and worked with them on their existing sponsorship and exhibitor packages to make the most out of this opportunity and offer their event partners suitable exposure for the event by limiting and reworking the sponsorship packages so that the sponsor can really feel they are a part of the event, without significant reduction in revenue. Their first newly refocused event which we ran for them took place in 2019 gaining the feedback and response they wanted from their audience, building on this their next event is scheduled for this year with encouraging responses after last year’s success. 


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