Networking Events

Creating Small networking events to help showcase their services

Company: Corporate Company

Event: Small networking events to showcase service to potential customers

Location: Various in the uk


A commercial organisation want to change the way they promoted their services to their clients, instead of using their usual channels.. Their service usually required a demonstration and they wanted to invite potential customers to an event so they could showcase their services to a focused audience and give their business development managers the chance to discuss the service face to face. As they didn't have an events department in house and with a limited budget they didn’t know where to start. 


This is where we came in, we developed several of these showcase/networking events thought the the year, in suitable locations and with easy access to the event, and ensured these events really help showcase the service and company, using the companies branding to bring life to the venue. With the first event turnout at 60% of those invited the event atmosphere was buzzing and the potential customers were engaged while being shown the service with the opportunity for them to discuss how it fits in with their own organisations, Subsequently these events have become a fixture in their company through the year



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