Awards Event Research

Company: Publisher

Budgets: Limited

Event: New Awards Ceremony

Location: London


The publisher wanted to recognise leading professionals in their industry in the form of an awards ceremony where individuals could be nominated but leading industry figures. They already had ideas and connections with the individuals in that industry but want to research if this event would be viable and if there was adequate interest in the industry to support this event.


We initially spent time researching the industry to better understand and appreciate where this event idea had come from, we then set to work speaking to key figures it the industry, speaking to them to understand their interest in the event and whether they would be interested in support or nominating for the event. After intensive research and getting a feel for the industry we managed to successfully offer realistic advice on the awards ceremony and whether they should proceed with the event and if there was enough interest out there to support this. Through our advice they subsequently went on to run the event, where we put together a proposal for the type of event and budget they were looking for, including all aspects of the event that they needed to consider and how we can minimise risk with this event, we also created the relevant sponsorship packages in keeping with the industry market and securing a suitable venue that fits within the modern technical industry. 


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