Events can be time-consuming, risky, complicated and demanding, which is where we can assist. We have the specialist knowledge and experience of working with revenue and in-house events, supporting you by taking the pressure of making event decision with our expert advice and research, and giving you the guidance and information to create successful events that compliment your business. 

We also understand the importance of having a good event team and we have the expertise and advice to help you up-skill your events personnel, giving your event staff the support and information they need to improve their working practises within your organisation.


We were looking to launch a new fundraising event and stuck for ideas, after speaking with Jenny she helped us understand who were should be looking to support the event and how we should go about organising it, and this has given us more confidence in organising future events.

Head of Events for a Charity

Jenny Inc really helped us research our new awards evening and gave us the expertise we need to find out if this awards evening would be suitable and if people would attend if we were to hold the event when planned, receiving advice from an experience professional really helped us make the decision on if this event should go ahead.

Marketing Manager, Publisher

Jenny was a fantastic help working on our events, and has dramatically improved our processes and planning for our events, simplifying the planning process and offering us the advice we need to make it a sucessful and profitable event.

Commercial Director

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